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Welcome to the EGBA

Connecting & supporting local business with local people - the East Grinstead Business Association is the voice of local business.

East Grinstead is a town with a vibrant business community, both retail and light industrial, and is ideally located in The Gatwick Diamond area.

When a single business takes up issues with organizations such as local government, the police or utility companies it can be difficult getting the point across or even your voice heard. By joining together as the EGBA, local companies are able to have a stronger say in matters that affect the climate and environment in which they work.

All too often the voice of business is absent in local debates: we are striving to ensure that this is not the case in East Grinstead.

By joining together we seek to influence and improve local issues such as transport, parking, affordable housing, recruitment, staff retention and security.

Although the EGBA seeks to represent the interests of local businesses it is not a lobbying organization - it is much more.


We believe that East Grinstead is the place to locate your business – to do business!


Online Subscription Payments

EGBA members can now update subscription payments online - please click below:

The year runs Jan to December.  If paying after 1st July, you only pay for the half year so use the drop down box.



East Grinstead Song

A brilliant new song for East Grinstead - watch the video here: